Disasters at a glance

Bihar state has been recognised under the category of Multi Disaster Prone territory in the country and host to several natural disasters like floods, earthquake, draught and fire etc

(i) Floods : It is annual feature and as certain as sunrise. Out of 38 administrative districts specifically 23 districts and all district of north Bihar face floods every year. Year 2008 has not simply surpassed the precious Flood records rather "Hwangho of China"  and Tsunami as a whole. Koshi River changing its course targeted five districts together i.e. Araria, Supoul, Madhepura, Saharasa and Purnea has disfigured the geographical shape variously and ravages compelled to recognise as National Calamity. Bihar is leaving no stone returned in bringing back to its original shope.

(ii) Earthquake : The entire state of Bihar is volcanic and sitting tight over seismic zone. Out of several earthquakes 1934 and 1988 are historic and memorable for heavy loss to lives, property both human and cattle.

Drought : It comes as another calamity and next to floods & droughts which occur frequently at short intervals. It also includes those districts that host floods simultaneously.

(iv) Fire : Besides above natural disasters a common  man made disaster particularly during summer season on wide scale in rural areas engulfing thatched houses which are susceptible to fire devastating the poorest in the slums of cities and conglomerations in the villages in common. Its spreading speed defies measures to  control it. Bihar of today cannot be negated free from accidents by air, rail road along with riots, caste war, terrorist movement and attacks in several areas becoming rampant attracting intervention of humanitarian organisation like Red Cross of ours.

Maintaining our own tradition, Bihar State Branch has been a front runner in  providing  assistance to  the suffering humanity viz.

(i) Orissa Cyclone 1999 – Bihar State Branch for the first time introduced "Family Pack" system  containing 24 items and sent 750 such packs and distributed among devastated  Orrisa due to super cyclone as well as  donations in cash, 200 blankets and 4000 assorted clothes were in addition. Now this family pack system has been accepted by federation at International platform.

(ii) Kargil War 1999  :On demand State Branch arranged huge quantities of assorted warm clothing and sent 504 cartoons and  500 Tiffin Boxes 

(iii) Air Crash – on 17th July 2000 : an Indian Airlines Boeing Crash occured claiming 51 human lives State Branch not only carried the injured persons rather arranged funerals of dead bodies.

(iv) Gujrat Earthquake – 26th January 2001 : Earthquake of Gujrat rendered millions in distress State Branch sent one rack of41 goods wagon flagged off by the then H.E. Shri Vinod Chadre Pandey. State Branch was awarded President's Medal through NHQ, Delhi.

(v) Tsunami 2004 – 26th December 2004 : Tsunami hit Asian Continents. Besides Family Packs to Andhra Pradesh and Kerala State Branch helped in construction of 25 houses in one coastal village Shree Kuraman in SrikaKulam district of Andhra Pradesh.

(vi)  Earth Quake in Jammu & Kashmi 2005 : State Branch dispatched 1000 Family Packs worth 10 lacks and woolen garments worth 11 lacs to Jammu & Kashmir.

In continuity  of our benevolent services this Kosi Colanity became a challenge to face through three globally recognized phases of i.e. Pre - During and  Post disaster period relating to prevention, mitigation risk reduction to lessen the effect of disasters, State Branch did the following :

          .. Integrated training of volunteers under Disater Management at Block and Panchayat

           ..Formed S.D.R.T. (State Disater Response Team)

           ..Permanent raised platform in Village  Barri Kothi, Koshi of Muzaffarpur district to
             accommodate  approximately 1000 persons.

           ..Constructed a warehouse in Samastipur

           ..120 Hand Tube wells were sunk.

           ..15 vulnerable communities were adopted for development into a model community
                  to  fight disasters.

           ..Flood & Earthquake awareness programme in 20 earthquake prone districts.

When Kosi Calamity thundered on 18th August 2008 recognized as National Calamity both State Govt.  as well as I.R.C.S Bihar State Branch for the first time joined hands together and a decision was taken to receive cash donation in Chief Minister's  Relief Fund, Govt. of Bihar and kind in and through I.R.C.S, Bihar State Branch.

The storage warehouse/godown became operative in  (1) Shastri Nagar and (2) Bazar Samiti, 'B' Block, Rajendra Nagar both under Shri  R. Prasad, IAS and Shri Kuldip Prasad Sinha, Sectional Officer(Poly Clinic)

It became during disaster operational stage with first reach, Rescue, First Aid, providing survival food, water and medicines. Work started on war footing round the clock. Disaster Management control room was created in Red Cross building headed by Col V K Singh and two paid disaster Management coordinators Miss Vandana and Md. Ashgar Ali with some volunteers.

A team of following four  delegates opted visit to four districts to procure F.N.S. (Family News Service) work under State tracing cell operative with Chairman Dr. K.N. Shreevastav since April 2000.

Team leader

1. Mr. Dussan Viyasanin, IC.R.S., Incharge, India
2. Ms. Pooja Relle, IC.R.S, delegate
3. Ms. Sharia Kawos, J&K Branch,de;egate
4. Mr N. Krishna Murthy, T.N. Branc,delegate
5. Miss Vandana,  D.M.C. State Branch, Patna
6. Mr. Intiazuddin, Volunteer, State Branch, Patna
7. Mr. Dil Nawaz, Volunteer, State Branch, Patna

This team detected 892 missing cases. They trained 18 volunteers in Purnia, 13 in Araria, 22 in Saharasa and 21 in Supoul and remained there from 15th Sept. to 22nd  August 2008.

Two other teams consisting of following three and five delegates had also made spot visits for on spot study in between 17th Sept. to 22nd Sept. 2008
First Team

1.      Mr. Peter Ophaff, Head of India Office, Federation
      Mr. Anil Kumar, Communication Officer, NHQ
      Mr. P.V. Ratheesan, DP Coordinator, NHQ,

Second Team

1.      Mr. Sajit Manan, American Red Cross
2.      Mr. Kaustubh Kukde, Spanish Red Cross
3.      Ms. Sachida Rana,D M Manager, International federation
4.      Mr. Khomdram Samarjit Singh, IRCS, Manipur
5.      Mr. Sudhakar Babu, IRCS, Andhra Pradesh